Q: How long will it take for my organization to become CARF accredited?

Q: I am a new organization—in fact, I haven’t opened my doors yet. Do you work with brand-new organizations?

Q: We passed our CARF survey and will be receiving accreditation. What should we do now?

Q: Do you work with organizations that previously achieved CARF Accreditation and need help renew their accreditation?

Q: I only need a book of pre-written policies and plans for my organization's CARF survey. Can I purchase these from TSC?

Q: What is the benefit of working with a consultant to become CARF-accredited or maintain my organization’s CARF Accreditation? Can an organization do this on their own?

Q: My state does not require my organization to become CARF-accredited. So, why should my organization seek accreditation? 

A: The journey to CARF accreditation is a collaborative process tailored to align with your organization's pace and readiness. At TSC, we are committed to developing a personalized timeline that respects your specific needs and comfort level. Our approach is designed to prepare you for the CARF survey and ensure your success in meeting the accreditation standards. With a 100% success rate in aiding our clients to achieve and maintain their CARF Accreditation. It's important to note that CARF requires organizations to demonstrate six months of conformance with their standards for initial accreditation. We'll work closely with you to ensure you meet this requirement, guiding you every step of the way toward accreditation.

A: Absolutely! At TSC, we specialize in guiding nonprofit and for-profit startups in behavioral healthcare. Our expertise extends beyond preparing you for CARF accreditation; we also offer comprehensive business consulting services to ensure your organization is built on a solid foundation. Whether you're just starting to shape your vision or are ready to open your doors, we're here to support you every step of the way.

A: Congratulations on passing your CARF survey and achieving accreditation—a remarkable milestone that speaks volumes about your dedication to quality and excellence. With this significant achievement, the journey doesn’t end here; it’s time to focus on maintaining your accreditation. This next phase involves staying current with annual CARF standards revisions, ensuring ongoing clinical and administrative compliance, continuing staff training and development, conducting regular drills and internal inspections, engaging in performance measurement and analysis, strategic planning, and fostering a culture of continuous quality improvement. TSC offers a maintenance package designed to help your organization maintain its accreditation status efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on advancing your mission.

A: Absolutely, TSC is well-equipped to assist organizations that are seeking to renew their CARF Accreditation. Our team is comprised of active CARF surveyors, experienced clinicians, and policy experts who possess a deep understanding of CARF standards.

A: At TSC, our approach is to collaborate with organizations to craft and implement policies, procedures, and plans that are not only compliant with CARF standards but also uniquely tailored to fit the specific needs, culture, and regulatory requirements of each organization. While pre-written policies and plans might seem like a quick fix, our extensive experience has taught us that such a generic approach rarely effectively meets the diverse needs of organizations. Thus, we focus on developing customized solutions that ensure your team can adopt, understand, and apply these practices easily and consistently, leading to more sustainable success.

A: Yes, organizations can achieve and maintain CARF accreditation independently. However, the dynamic nature of administrative functions and regulatory landscapes means that aligning with the myriad CARF standards can become challenging, particularly for organizations with limited resources. The advantage of engaging with TSC lies in our team's unique composition of active CARF surveyors, seasoned clinicians, and policy specialists. Our experts excel in interpreting and applying CARF standards that align optimally with your organization's specific scale, resources, and objectives. Boasting a 100% success rate in guiding our clients through the accreditation process, our team ensures you meet the necessary standards and supports you in realizing your organization’s full potential. Our clients often reflect on their accreditation journey, acknowledging our support's indispensable role in their survey success.

A: Pursuing CARF accreditation, even when not mandated by your state, signifies a profound dedication to excellence in service and client outcomes. This accreditation aligns your organization with international standards of quality and operational effectiveness. Organizations that attain CARF accreditation distinguish themselves by demonstrating a higher commitment to continuous improvement, enabling them to enhance their services, foster innovation, and unlock new avenues for sustainable funding and growth. It's a proactive step towards meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks for quality and client care.