Serving as a Compass on Your Organization's Journey to Excellence

Our dedication to the pursuit of excellence has resulted in a 100% CARF success. Founded in 2013 by Chief Consultant Tava L. Scott, T. Scott Consulting has been a practice that organizations can depend on. At T. Scott Consulting, we specialize in transforming challenges into opportunities. Whether navigating compliance complexities or striving for CARF Accreditation, our tailored solutions pave the way for your organization's success. Boasting a 100% success rate, we specialize in turning regulatory challenges into achievements and accreditation into recognition. Partner with us and unlock unparalleled expertise in accreditation attainment and compliance maintenance.


Our mission at T. Scott Consulting is to be an unparalleled partner for organizations and agencies dedicated to profoundly impacting the communities served. Our philosophy is centered on the belief that true success comes from close contact with our clients, adopting a side-by-side approach to assist the organizations we serve reach their full potential.